| 22-05-2020
Machines & Machining Capabilities

Our services include:

Design Optimization, Reverse Engineering or simply adopting the provided design.
We also provide Heat Treatment as well as Surface Treatment

Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic Materials and other materials.
Surface treatment: Anodizing, blackening, chroming, zinc plaiting, painting and polishing.

Milling Machines:

- Dekel Maho CMX 1100 4 axis Milling Machine                     (X*Y*Z= 1100x600x500mm)
- Mazak AJV18N Milling Machine                                            (X*Y*Z= 500X300X500mm)
- (2) x Wadkin V8/15 4 axis Milling Machine                            (X*Y*Z= 1500X800X700mm)
- Rockwell Milling Machine                                                       (X*Y*Z= 2500x860x700mm)
- Doosan DNM 7500 4 Axis Milling machine                            (X*Y*Z= 2000x760x700mm)
- Dekel Maho DMC 103V Milling Machine                                (X*Y*Z= 1000X600X600mm)
- Doosan DNM 5700 Milling machine                                       (X*Y*Z= 1000X570X600mm)
- CHIRON Milling Machine                                                        (X*Y*Z= 1500X390X400mm)
Turing Machines:

- Dekel Maho Twin32 Machining Center                                  (D=120 mm, L=150 mm)
- Conventional turning machine                                               (D=280 mm, L=2000 mm)
- Conventional turning machine                                               (D=280mm,  L=1500 mm)
Various Machines:
- (2) x Automatic Band saw
- Wire cut CTWG 320                                                              (X*Y*Z= 300x300x220 mm)
- Wire cut BT&DK7732C                                                         (X*Y*Z= 300x300x220 mm)
- Horizontal grinding machine                                                 (X*Y= 1000x400 mm)
- Horizontal grinding machine                                                 (X*Y= 600x450 mm)
​​​​- Rotatory grinding machine                                                    (D=430mm, L=2000 mm)
- Deburring Machine

Quality Control Capabilities:

- From 0 to 175 mm Dimensions Up to 5 Microns Accuracy (Digital calipers, Internal & External Micrometers)
- From 175 mm to 300 mm Dimensions Up to 30 Microns Accuracy (Digital Calipers)
- From 300 mm to 500 mm Dimensions Up to 50 Microns Accuracy (Analog Calipers)
- Surface Hardness Testing (Ultra Prazision Digital Hardness Tester)
- Projector Dr. Henrich Schneider MESSTECHNIK


We have the capability to produce a wide variety of sub-assemblies that require: heading, stamping, flaring, press work and riveting.